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About me: We have been together 41 years and married 39. I was single for a number of years and had sex with many men before marriage. Please read my post "My Sexy Swinging Single Years" to found out how many guys had the pleasure of bedding me. My husband also knows all about my past. The number of guys I had sex with. What I did with them and what they did to me and with me. I was a Little Sis in a fraternity that you can read about in one of my posts and that led to me having several additional lovers. I actually look back very fondly on those days of unrestricted sex and the fun I had in college with the frat guys. I was very shy entering college, and being a Little Sister helped me to break out of that shell, explore my own sexual desires and interests, and helped make me the person I am today. Shortly after we got married, my husband asked if he could take nude pictures of me. I think he figured since I had been with so many different guys, I would not be shy or think it was weird to pose nude. I was, at first, startled, but agreed and I found the sessions were a turn-on. They were a very erotic and sensual experience for us both. He would usually take his hard cock out about half-way through the photo session. Once I was completely nude and we were done, we ended the session with lovemaking. This was in the days of film cameras and we would drop off the film for developing. I often wondered if the guys at the film studio kept copies of my pictures for masturbation purposes. I also sunbathed nude in our backyard. We had a 6' wood privacy fence around the three sides of the backyard (the back fence opened to a pasture). Our neighbors consisted of older couples in their 50s and 60s. We were friends with the couples and those older husbands always liked me. One of them would flirt with me and make innuendoes from time to time. I thought that was gross as he was probably old enough to have been my dad. They were all nice people, however, and were good neighbors. I often wondered, however, if those men ever peeked through the fence and were amazed (happy) to see me completely naked? If they did, I would not be surprised to have known they masturbated while watching me sunbathing nude whilst their wives were shopping.